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Masonry Contractors Syracuse NY

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Syracuse NY, Auburn NY, and Skaneateles NY.


Are you in search for the best company that provides convenient and effective masonry or concrete services that look amazing? We provide concrete and masonry contracting in Syracuse NY, Auburn NY, and Skaneateles NY. At AR Property Solutions we are experts at laying concrete and providing masonry services that look outstandingly beautiful.


Concrete Installation

Concrete is great because it is a versatile and economical building material. When newly mixed it can be molded and shaped in many different formats, resulting in a very durable and strong product when hardened. We offer the best ready-mixed concrete to ensure you get the products and workmanship you deserve.

Concrete Constractors Syracuse NY, Concrete Contractors Auburn NY, Concrete Contractors Skaneateles NY

The Art: Masonry Syracuse NY, Auburn NY, and Skaneateles NY

Choose a masonry contractor that understands the creative process of masonry.


Masonry Syracuse NY, Masonry Auburn NY, Masonry Skaneateles NY

Masonry is regarded to be an ancient art of making a certain structure with the use of blocks of stone and brinks that are completely bound together with a very adhesive.

This is a creative process that creates different types of walls, floorings and all other architectural structures that are suited for both residential and commercial properties, we provide this in Syracuse NY, Auburn NYSkaneateles NY and surrounding areas.

 AR Property Solutions is a leading masonry company out of all the masonry contractors in the upstate New York area. We serve Syracuse NY, Auburn NY, Auburn NY, and surrounding sreas. We offer a complete spectrum of masonry products including retaining walls, masonry fencing, and specialty masonry. We at AR Property Solutions pride ourselves on being a industry leader, that provides outstanding service, innovative products, and superior quality.

Different Types Of Masonry Services

Stone Masonry - This is one of the oldest types of masonry we offer as contractors in Syracuse NY and surrounding areas. This service highlights the use of naturally existing and real type of stones. The stones are completely extracted from its natural source and cut into its proper measurement depending on the style, design and structure you wanted to create.

Brick Masonry - Brick masonry also serves as part of the oldest kind of masonry. It makes use of the bolds of different brick which are bound together with paste or glue.  Instead of using organic stones we use man made types of block, which is usually made from clay.

Concrete Masonry - Instead of using traditional types of bricks and stones, this concrete masonry makes use of hollow blocks which are primarily made from cement mixture, sand and crushed gravel.  This is one of the most cost effective types of masonry that you should not miss since it also offers good insulation and can be suitable for homes, outdoor structures, and buildings.

These are just some of the masonry services that as a premier masonry contractor in Syracuse NY, Auburn NY, and Skaneateles we provide.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today to get your masonry project completed the right way. We build  high quality and creative structures that will make your building look spectacular.