Investment Property Loans and Financing

Investment Property Loans and Financing

Investment Property Loans and Financing: The needs of a typical home buyer are much different than the needs of a real estate investor. It is important to work with a real estate mortgage lender who understands financial investment properties and real estate investing. At AR Property Solutions, we specialize in helping you decide what type of real estate investment will work best to help you accomplish your goals.

We offer conventional real estate loans, refinancing, and construction loans.


Top 5 benefits of buying real estate investment properties with our investment property loans and financing program

We can help you get the information you need when you are ready to buy an investment property so you can enjoy the benefits of owning real estate investments. Contact us today to see how you can benefit from the following real estate income property benefits:

  • Build Your Investment Portfolio: Diversify your portfolio by owning a income producing investment property.
  • Increase Your Cash Flow: Offset your expenses by owning real estate investment property, and start profiting.
  • Additional Tax Benefits: Owning real estate offers real estate investors great tax advantages, such as deductions for mortgage interest, real estate and property taxes.
  • Rental Opportunities: Create additional cash flow by renting out your real estate investment property. Purchase properties near vacation spots, college campuses, or downtown areas.
  • Property Development Opportunities: Investing in sub divisions and vacant land can be a great real estate investment when done correctly.

At AR Property Solutions, we provide a variety of different types of mortgages perfect for real estate investing, Conventional Loans, Refinance Opportunities, and Construction Loans. Contact (315) 406-1738 today to see if you qualify for our Investment Property Loans and Financing.

Distressed Property Investing

In today’s market distressed and dilapidated homes are some of the best real estate investments available; however renovations and construction material can cost a lot. A construction loan from AR Property Solutions can give you the financing you need to purchase the property as well provide extra money to pay for real estate property improvements. Our construction loan program packages your mortgage with a construction loan based on estimated property value after repairs are finished. Now you can buy a real estate investment property, and make it the property that you desire to have.