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Do you want to rehab your residential or commercial property in upstate New York?


At AR Property Solutions we provide exemplary home and commercial property rehabilitation services. We have a team of seasoned and highly trained professionals, and can ensure you only get the best quality workmanship.

We deal with structural house rehabs, cosmetic rehabs, and interior rehabs. Owning a property that need a rehab can be a daunting endeavor, and we are just the company to help you make it smoothly through the process.

If you are experiencing sagging floors, cracked foundations, fire damage, un-permitted structural changes, water or dry-rot damage. Give us a call to day to get your free no hassle estimate! 315-406-1738

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See The Type Of Rehab Services We Provide

Exterior Landscape Rehab - Pruning back overgrown trees, cutting shrubbery back and getting any lawn back to a normal height.

Exterior Painting Rehab - A freshly painted exterior on a home greatly improves it's curb appeal.

Interior Cosmetic Rehab - There are three basic inside area types, the rest of the areas are more minor fixes.

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Major Living-Spaces (i.e. Living-room, Family-room, Bonus-room)

Structural and Foundational  Rehab - This can be an expensive process, but as they say a house is only as good as it's foundation. So this is an imperative piece to the puzzle. If you have foundational or structural damage it is a must that we confront this issue first, and that you hire only a qualified and very experienced company to handle this work. You will need to make sure that everything meets the standard and codes of the city and state ordinances.


We would love to have the opportunity to serve you. Please take a moment to fill out the form at the top right side of this page, so you can schedule your free estimate today or call 315-406-1738.