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Additions can increase functionality, and add value to your home or commercial space. We work to provide quality additions with the least amount of interference to your day to day living habits.

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AR Property Solutions locally owned and operated in NY, will evaluate your space and help you determine what the best options may be for your addition. They will help determine your outside addition look and feel, such as: matching the new addition to the old framework, allowing your new addition to blend seamlessly with your current home style. Whether to build up or out? This option allows you to add space without adding to your homes footprint. One more option to consider is to bump out. By hanging the new space off the side of your existing home, we can extend living space in existing spaces.

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When business is booming and times are changing, both you and your commercial space have to adapt in order to keep up. If you need more space, you might have considered moving your business and selling your current commercial space. You may have also considered an interior remodel to make better use of the space you have. But you also have another option: a commercial addition.

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Information Commercial and Residential Additions

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What is a Commercial or Residential Addition?

When space is what your home or business needs to expand, an addition can provide the comfort and space you need. When you hear your builder talking an addition, they’re talking about adding onto the structure of the building. This means building an additional room, an additional garage, or even adding an entire wing to your building.

 What Can I Expect With an Addition?

When you decide to hire a builder for a commercial or residential addition, you’ll start noticing changes almost immediately after the plans are complete. The builders will begin building the addition prior to making any interior changes to the current building so you will only notice these new additions from the outside. Once the framework and outside structure for the addition are complete, your builders will begin deconstructing the inside wall of the current building that will attach to the  residential or commercial addition. That means you’ll notice a large hole in the wall for a short period of time. Most additions may seem loud and a little dusty, but for the most part, they will not interfere with your normal course of life.

If you are trying to decide between moving, remodeling, or doing a commercial addition, the most important thing to think about is your family or customers. Their response to these changes should be taken into account.

Plan Your Build

Additions can be built in any direction and come in all shapes and sizes. Consider the projects scope, and design a space which is functional.

An addition is a major undertaking which involves experts in the field. Most importantly, you should hire a company with a superior reputation, who is easy to work with. When hiring a general contractor there are hundreds of choices, from the overall design, to the materials used. At AR Property Solutions we make the process easy, we walk you through the entire process step by step, and offer you exemplary customer service. Contact Us Today!