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The Top 2 Demolition Considerations And Factors To Keep In Mind Are:

1. Historically Significance (aka, “heritage homes”) - usually properties with historical significance cannot be demolished without jumping through quite a few hoops with local, state, and even Federal governments.

2. Local Building Codes - Building codes may limit how your new property can be built following a demolition. Building codes are changed all the time, so it’s important to look at these prior to a renovations or demolition project.

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Trying to cut corners to save money on a home or commercial renovation – particularly prior to selling the property – can get you in hot water if the quality isn't up to code in Syracuse NY, Auburn NY, Skaneateles NY, and surrounding areas. Worst of all, you’ll most likely have to pay to have the property repaired to get it up to spec.

Living in the home or working in a commercial building during a renovation project can be harmful to the health of anyone with allergies or asthma.

Ask yourself: Would I rather live in a brand new clean space designed to my liking, or keep the “bones” of my old one and replace its “skin”?

You can reuse parts of your old house or commercial building during a demolition-and-rebuild project or a renovation project, such as timbers, windows, tiles and historical features. It’s a green practice referred to as deconstruction, and it can save you money by cutting down on material costs.

Poor planning can lead to expensive renovation costs. Let AR Property Solutions be hands-on with the planning of a renovation, a demolition-and-rebuild may be a better option.

Get an inspection before you decide on anything! A house or commercial building found to be in very poor condition structurally-speaking is better off demolished. It’s the cheaper and safer option.

Energy-efficiency is critical nowadays and in NY especially, will be in the future. Newly constructed homes and offices tend to be more efficient than renovated homes and commercial sites. If energy efficiency is important to you, demolition + new construction are the way to go.

Most home and office renovations require contractors to come back at a later date for maintenance or updates. Don’t forget to factor this in when determining the cost of renovating your home or commercial space. You’ll almost always have a better warranty on a new home or office compared to a renovated one.

In addition to the factors above, there are many other decisions to weigh before making your decision. Start by getting a home assessment from AR Property Solutions, a licensed demolition contractor serving Syracuse NY, Auburn NY, Skaneateles NY, and surrounding areas. If your home or commercial space is found to be structurally sound and have healthy “guts,” renovation may be an option for you. If the house has suffered major damage, has a poor foundation or you’d simply prefer to have a brand new home, go with a demolition-and-rebuild. Contact us today for your free "No Hassle" estimate.