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Hey everybody! How are you? My name is Adam Rowe the owner of AR Property Solutions. I hope you are doing well because we want to see you happy. If you are reading this I am sure you are interested in some of our amazing services we are happy to offer. Let me ask you this please. I am eager to hear your story.

What is important to you as a client in feeling like we completely exceeded your expectations?

After Listening, most people say:

Honestly, well i'm looking for a company that does a good job.

Okay, if you have a minute please let me give you a little background about myself so you can get to know me better. I grew up working hard on the family farm for my father in Skaneateles, NY. Around the age of 12, where I began earning my own money by cutting firewood. I enjoyed having my own business and working for myself. I also enjoyed the aspect of getting to know new people and getting to know more about them. It was amazing to see how fast the relationship grew between my now friends and clients. Before I knew it I was offered to do all different various home improvement projects for them. I gladly accepted as I was happy to help out. They saw I definitely took pride in the hard work I did. They were very happy with the end result of the projects I completed for them.

Eventually I started working with local contractors/and more homeowners as business grew. The people I worked for previously, started telling all of their friends that I was the man for the job. To make a long story short I went on to learn more trades and specialized skills because of the demand. At this point I started getting so many opportunities to help I had to hire a crew to keep up with all the workload. This is when the general contracting started. I was now able to fully understand all aspects of just about any residential or commercial project, and overlook the project as a general contracting manager. Everything went smoothly for everyone and they were very happy. Seeing people happy also made me very happy, and I believe this is a skill and now passion that helps fulfill my purpose in life.

At the time, my proven skills gave me the opportunity to help make my community a better place to live in. This included doing work for charity organizations and fundraising.

I am proud of the reputation our company has built on strong integrity and hard work. As the years went on, our experience grew even more by working with new clients and professionals in the trades. I highly value being able to make a positive difference in someone's life. Our team of highly qualified workman is pleased to give our clients the comfort and satisfaction they deserve. My team and I always do a little more than expected, adding finishing touches on projects or small additions to to make them feel more complete, and add the "WOW" factor.

We work with organizations like the Chamber of Commerce, and help out by donating to the historical society. We have restored and donated to the local charities and pantries, including the SPCA. Building. Building a rail for an elderly woman or salting her driveway in the winter time is just the right thing to do.

"Focused on Excellence Craftsmanship & Customer Service."

By performing with high standards, we expanded and went on to bid much larger Residential and Commercial improvement projects.

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Are you selling your house, vacant land, apartment, or commercial building? I am excited to say we also now buy and invest in properties in any condition! We now develop properties, and build commercial spaces. We develop vacant land into housing developments, and also provide financial services to people who want or need them. We provide a number of different types of loans related to real estate investing and construction. We even refinance your mortgage on your house to give you a better deal!

Because of our success we are now able to offer a variety of helpful services. My goal for the future is not only new growth within the company, but long lasting relationships with all of our clients. We have proven to be a extremely reputable company with terrific reviews. we hope for all the best within the community for centuries to come!

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